IMPS Ceramics Collection is a special collection consisting of 257 works. Mimar Sinan
Fine Arts University (Academy of the Fine Arts), with which the museum is affiliated,
has been influential in raising artists who have made significant contributions to the
development of contemporary Turkish ceramics art with the ceramic department chair
established in 1929. Our ceramics collection includes works by leading ceramics artists
such as İsmail Hakkı İzzet, Nasip İyem, Atilla Galatalı and Erdinç Bakla.

Sadi Diren

Erdinç Bakla

Erdinç Bakla

Nasip İyem

Hakkı İzzet

Vedat Ar

Atilla Galatalı

Jale Yılmabaşar

İsmail Hakkı Oygar

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